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We Can Train Your Students

Red Frogs has found that equipping and training student leaders is key in helping to combat the binge-drinking culture often found in residential colleges, and we have a program to help you do that.

Red Frogs offers three types of presentations:

Program 1 - Student Leader Training Seminar

We offer a unique leadership perspective that aims to empower student leaders to be the best possible leaders they can be. This program has been designed to specifically target your RA and/or social committee team. The key topics and areas we can cover include:

  • Youth Culture
  • Leadership
  • Drug & Alcohol awareness
  • Positive College Culture
  • Pastoral Care
  • How to build effective teams
  • Volunteerism

Recommended Dates

We advise that you incorporate this presentation into your P Week program to best prepare your leaders for the new year and their new freshers!

Presentation Length

This session can be as short as 60 mins or up to 2 hours

Costs - $500*


Program 2 - Orientation For Freshers

Our "Orientation for Fresher’s " is perfect for your first years as it will provide them with vital information and tips on how to successfully transition into university life. The aim of this presentation is to help students cope with and thrive in their new environment.

Key topics covered:

  • Managing time and relationships
  • Home to college/hall life transition
  • The art of saying 'No'
  • Navigating the party scene
  • Caring is sharing 'prioritising communication with others'

Recommended Dates

It is recommended that this presentation is scheduled during orientation week to ensure that your freshers are setting off on their University journey with their best foot forward!

Presentation Length- 40 - 60 Min

Cost- Included for free with a paid 'Student Leader Training' booking or $300 without Student Leader training*

Please note that Red Frogs is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on donations. Funds raised from seminars go directly toward the work of Red Frogs Australia

Program 3 - Red Frog Mentoring Program

Red Frogs would be interested to consult with you about any specific needs you have in your sphere. We would like to introduce local mentors in your area to come and be an asset for your leaders and students of influence. Please contact us to find out more.

If you have any questions relating to any of these training sessions, or want some more customisable training for your students, please contact us at unis@redfrogs.com.au or by phone 1300557123.