I'm A College Head/Event organiser

Red Frogs has found that equipping and training student leaders is key in helping to combat the binge-drinking culture often found in residential colleges, and we have a program to help you do that. The Red Frog training program covers the following topics:

  • The culture of today’s young people and how this affects residential colleges and halls
  • Drug and alcohol awareness and prevention in a student environment
  • Binge-drinking (moderate and non-drinkers)
  • Peer-pressure environments
  • Alternative programming options


These seminars can be implemented all year round, however Red Frogs recommend you book a session around September/October or February.  This is traditionally when new committees and RAs are selected, or when preparation for O-Week is underway. 


Our Student Leader Training Seminar's are $500 per session with our Life After Year 12 Presentation free of charge. If you would simply like to book a Life After Year 12 Presentation on it's own, they are $300 per sessions.*


Please note that Red Frogs is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on donations. Funds raised from seminars go directly toward the work of Red Frogs Australia. We do have some limited sponsorship options available if you are unable to pay the full cost for the seminars. If you wish to apply for sponsorship please contact Red Frogs on the number listed below. Conditions apply.