Corporate Sponsorship

Most of us want to help the community in some small way.  You can help us help others. 

Red Frogs Australia Corporate Appeal offers you an opportunity to be a part of making a tangible contribution to today's youth and offering genuine hope to the next generation.There are many ways your company can play a vital role in safeguarding the next generation and become a Red Frog Corporate Sponsor:

  • Financial contributions (Tax Deductible)
  • Attend a Red Frog Corporate Appeal Fundraising Dinner
  • Resource assistance (merchandise, stationery, printing, accommodation, transportation, multimedia)
  • Product donation (Discount vouchers, doughnuts, icypoles, pancake shakers, volunteer catering)
Expand your business reach whilst supporting our programs.
Find out how you can partner with us to support our Education and University programs, and reach thousands of young people.