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**If you are applying as a team leader you are required at your location a day earlier.


Lorne is a very popular Schoolies location situated right on the beach. The Red Frog Crew plays a major role during the Schoolies period. The ways in which the Red Frog Crew support the schoolies include providing a free shuttle bus, free bbq's and on-call pancake teams.

Red Frogs also provide a very popular chill out zone that is a great hang out for schoolies whilst they are given free hot drinks. The Red Frog Lorne volunteers are very welcomed by other support services and a fantastic atmosphere exists amongst the team. If you are interested in joining the Red Frog Crew in Victoria, then Lorne is a great place to start.

Hotel Chaplains 

Hotel Chaplains are the core of our Schoolies response. As a chaplain you will be part of a team of 4 to 5 crew members responsible for a house, building or hotel 24/7. This is your opportunity to build friendships with the Schoolies by being available to them in their hotels, on the streets or in the Schoolies Hub. Each team has a team leader as well as a strong network of pastoral carers and location leaders, ensuring you are valued and supported day and night. Being a Hotel Chaplain is a full time commitment.

Red Frog Hotline Crew

The Red Frog call centre is the hub of the Red Frog movements around Australia, receiving a record numbers of calls for anything from random acts of pancakes to more serious issues requiring immediate response.  Call centre volunteers are rostered on day, night and late night shifts. As a legend of the phone you are part of a team of people who will direct the movements of the hotel chaplains, allowing them to make maximum impact in supporting Schoolies.  

Support Crew

Enabling Red Frogs to operate during the duration of schoolies requires a huge amount of resources constantly being set up and moving. If you’re a behind the scenes kind of person, have an available van or ute, like lifting and helping in setting-up for schoolies or even doing VIP shuttle runs, then this is role for you. 

Entertainment Crew 

DJ’s, dancers, & die hard party goers apply here. Red Frogs entertainment stages are the most popular form of Schoolies entertainment. If you’ve got energy, and the skills to match, then this is the role for you. 

RF Creative Crew 

Whether you’re handy with a camera, have a director’s cap or just love telling a great story - we need you. All over the country Red Frog workers and teams put themselves on the front line of the biggest party of the year. As RF Creative we get the privilege of capturing the incredible behind-the-scenes moments and stories as our crew safeguard a generation - if this is up your ally we would love for you to join us. For more info and to apply click here.



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Other requirements

Working With Children Check

You must have a WWCC Card to participate in the Red Frog Schoolies program in Victoria. 

Please Note:

  • You can still register to be a volunteer even if you do not have a current WWCC, however, final approval will be dependant that you have received your WWCC prior to Friday 5th Nov.
  • Applications should be processed through your local church.
  • Application Deadline – 8th October (You should have sent your WWCC application to the department by this date in order to ensure that you will receive your card before Schoolies. All enquiries about your WWCC card are to be made to the Department of Justice on 1300 652 879.

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