Schoolies Myths

From our yonks of experience at Schoolies and Leavers locations all around Australia, we have seen first hand that the most serious incidents have generally been caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

MYTH: Alcohol gives you energy.
Nope. It’s a depressant. It slows down your ability to think, speak, move and do all that other stuff you like to do.

MYTH: Everybody reacts the same to alcohol.
Not hardly. There are dozens of factors that affect reactions to alcohol – body weight, time of day, how you feel mentally, body chemistry, your expectations; the list goes on and on.

MYTH: A cold shower or a cup of coffee will sober someone up.
Not on your life. Nothing sobers you up but time. With coffee, you’re simply a wide-awake drunk.

MYTH: It is none of my business if a friend is drinking too much.
If you are a real friend, it is your business. You can’t make someone change but you can be honest. Maybe they’ll listen.

MYTH: The worst thing that can happen is a raging hangover.
Sorry. If you drink enough alcohol, fast enough, you can get an amount in your body that can do serious damage to you.

MYTH: Alcohol makes you more sexy.
The more you drink, the less you think. Alcohol may loosen you up and make someone more interested in sex, but it interferes with the body’s ability to perform. And then there’s pregnancy, AIDS, sexual assault, car crashes and worse to worry about. Not sexy at all.

MYTH: People who drink too much only hurt themselves.
Every person who drinks has a mother, grandfather, sister, aunty, best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend who worries about them.

MYTH: I will meet the person of my dreams at Schoolies.
Schoolies isn’t real life. A beach party and alcohol is not a likely foundation for you to build a long term, meaningful relationship.

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