Red Frogs Top Tips for Parents

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Parents Top Tips for Schoolies

With just four days until 75,000 school leavers prepare to descend on locations around Australia, Fiji and Bali, just as many parents are preparing to send their children away for the weeklong celebrations.  

Some parents can feel nervous about their child being away for an extended period of time, so Red Frogs has some tips for parents about how to prepare their Schoolie for the celebrations.

Red Frogs Top Tips for Parents:

  1. Stock your Schoolie with a heap of pre-made meals for the week
  2. Don’t supply an excess of alcohol as fines for providing to minors apply
  3. Ensure there is an abundance of water slabs packed in the car 
  4. Agree on check in times and stay in touch during the week
  5. Make sure your schoolie has the Red Frogs hotline number saved in their phone and has downloaded our ‘Red Frogs’ app
  6. Encourage them to call 000 in emergency situations, the official services are here to help 

Local support services and government safety responses are in place to keep Schoolies safe over the next few weeks, for more information:

For young people planning to head to Schoolies the Red Frogs can be contacted 24/7 through the hotline number 1300 557 123 or by downloading the Red Frogs App.