Red Frogs Top 10 Tips for Schoolies

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Red Frog Pre Schoolies Education Program

With Wednesday marking ten days until 75,000 school leavers prepare to descend on locations around Australia, Fiji and Bali; an army of over 1,500 Red Frogs volunteers are prepped and ready to safeguard schoolies during their celebrations.

In the lead up to schoolies week Red Frogs have facilitated over 360 education programs nationwide reaching over 45,000 year 12’s educating them on decision making and the party culture, substance awareness, personal safety, looking after their mates, as well as insights for life after school.

Red Frogs Top 10 Tips for schoolies:

  1. Never leave a mate behind! Always stay in groups of two or more and stay in well lit areas
  2. Respect Hotel Managers and their rules. 
  3. Charge your phone. If you get separated from your friends, head to the Red Frogs Walk Home tent.
  4. Drink plenty of water and eat good meals. 
  5. Check in with your parents throughout the week.
  6. Logout of social media. Once a photo is up on social media, it’s up there forever. 
  7. Know your boundaries and stick to them. 
  8. Never leave your drink unattended and never accept drinks from others
  9. Download the Red Frogs App and save the hotline number in your phone 1300 557 123
  10. Call 000 in an emergency

For young people planning to head to Schoolies the Red Frogs can be contacted 24/7 through the hotline number 1300 557 123 or by downloading the Red Frogs App.