Melville Mazda Lends A Hand

Monday, 23 November 2015

Red Frogs in WA want to say a massive THANK YOU to Melville Mazda for their support and encouragement. Greg Dean, dealer principal of Melville Mazda has donated a vehicle for Red Frogs in WA to assist with their outreach and interaction effectiveness during Leavers Week. 

'If people don't stand together, communities crumble' unknown

Greg first heard of Red Frogs earlier this year and wanted to find a way that he could help. "We're extremely proud to support such a positive and important organisation." Melville Mazda dealer principal, Greg Dean.

Red Frogs are committed to 'safeguarding a generation' through support and education, providing direct relief from drug and alcohol related issues in young people, especially at Leavers week. 

Leavers week officially kicks off on Monday, November 23. School leavers are looking forward to heading to the South West and also to Rottnest Island to enjoy a week of celebration at the end of 12 years of schooling. 

Leavers Week is a celebration held for Year 12 School Students at the completion of their School Year. For the majority of Students it will be the first time they experience a holiday without their family.  

The Red Frog Crew-WA, made up of over 100 volunteers, aim to support Leavers through their weeks celebrations and provide a positive presence amongst their partying culture. 

They also assist Leavers by walking young people home, cooking pancakes, room cleans, handing out Allen͛s Red Frogs and offering emotional support through what can often be a challenging week. 

At Leavers Week Celebrations Red Frogs Australia has 4 main roles; Visitation, Referral, Mediation and Diversionary Activities. 

Once again, this is partly made possible because of generous business and organisation such as Melville Mazda. If you're interested in partnering with Red Frogs, either in kind or financially, please contact us via