A Successful Start To Schoolies

Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Successful Start To Schoolies 

The class of 2015 has kicked off schoolies celebrations dancing the night away on the Gold Coast.

Over 700 Red Frogs volunteers were out in force handing out water as the schoolies checked in, visiting hotels and walking schoolies home from the beach party. 

Over the course of day one the Red Frogs hotline received 610 calls, did 111 walk homes and had 267 requests for pancakes. 

Chris George, Red Frogs National Schoolies Coordinator, is thrilled with the first night.

“We’re really pleased with the schoolies behaviour so far,” he said.

“It was evident that the schoolies have been adhering to our safety tips with many of them requesting walk homes and watching out for their mates,” he said.

Schoolies can contact Red Frogs 24/7 on the hotline 1300 557 123 or by downloading the Red Frogs App.