School Programs

Issues Discussed and Curriculum Aspects
Red Frog programs address a number of real issues students face in a non-judgemental, practical way, offering information, advice and insights from our experiences with young people and the referral of professionals. These include:
- alcohol, drugs & the Australian drinking culture (Schoolies/Leavers/Party Safe & Life After School Programs);
- violence, sexual assault & criminal convictions (Schoolies/Leavers/Party Safe Program);
- mental health (all programs);
- self-worth (all programs);
- value and uniqueness (Identity Program);
- choices & responsibilities (Life After School Program);
- concerns and expectations of uni and full time work (Life After School Program)

Through these programs we aim to engage students’ critical thinking skills and strengthen their personal and social capabilities, supporting schools in preparing students for the various situations they will face in Australian society. We do not merely present information; we do so in a way that students can easily understand, encouraging students to develop their thinking processes and skills in order to practically apply the lessons of these in situations they may find themselves in.